Marie Elizabeth Zak

D. Phyt., RHT

Marie is a lover of the wild natural world and is dedicated to supporting her community with plant medicines. She completed her clinical herbal medicine training through Pacific Rim College, and is a Registered Herbal Therapist with the Canadian Herbal Association of BC (CHA of BC).

Marie authentically enjoys exploring people: who they are, what they need, and how best to support their experience. She works with her patient’s emerging patterns to play matchmaker between people and plants. Her practice is informed by somatic principles; she works with the link between mind and body to deepen her patient’s capacity for healing. She is honored to provide a safe space for patients to explore themselves and connect with nature’s medicine. 


"Marie helped me resolve my intestinal problems and severe head aches after a mild concussion, issues which the mainstream physicians were unable to diagnose and treat.
With her great listening skills, and her wealth of knowledge Marie was able to find remedies that worked well for me. Besides preparing herbal teas, tinctures and capsules she taught me how changes in lifestyle and diet could aid my body and mind, in ways that easily fit in my life.
Right from the start I felt that Marie really knew me, and I could open up completely.
Marie is a very competent practitioner, she goes deep in a gentle way and I would recommend anybody with health problems to go to her for treatment and advice."

- E.R., Victoria BC

"When I first came to Marie, I was feeling really depressed and unhealthy. Marie ended up creating each natural tincture so precise to what I was needing at that time and I began to notice results after a couple weeks. Her ability to read each individual is like a magical power. When she described what I was feeling after reading all of my pulses, she described the exact sensations that were happening throughout my nervous system. I consistently used her tinctures for about six months until she returned back to the Island to finish her schooling. I noticed significant differences in my mood and my digestive system and I was beginning to feel a lot healthier. Since this was before she graduated I can only imagine how skilled and integrated her herbal and nutritional knowledge is now. I can’t wait to get more “potions” to heal some more!"

-J.R., Nelson BC

Contact Marie
Tel: (250)857-4033
Clinic Location: ManiiStone Centre 
507 Baker St unit #215, Nelson, BC V1L 4J2